About D|N Education Design

D|N Education Design is an educational consultancy who provide environmental education consulting, design, and workshops.

Why D|N Education Design?

We focus on process-oriented approaches to co-create the conditions that can lead to holistic change in schools, workspaces, and organizations.

We can generate sustainable futures by shifting how we think and experience the world.

About Us

In addition to our roles as consultants, workshop leaders, speakers, educational design experts, and storytellers, Derek and Naoko are also both professors at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in sustainability, environmental education, and engineering.

Our Work


Leadership in Education: Sustainability leadership in Higher Education

A re-imagined transdisciplinary doctoral program to meet the unique challenges facing our world.


Rewrite your climate story, Chautauqua Institution

This workshop invites participants to explore our own relationships to the climate emergency and the roles our personal and social stories play in this process.


How climate storytelling people navigate complexity and find solutions

The Conversation

We use storytelling as a tool to communicate the complexity of the climate emergency in university courses and international workshops. Ultimately, systemic stories help people comprehend complex issues.


We could power a new green movement by talking about energy change

The Conversation

The challenge we face is transitioning from a fossil fuel-based culture to one built on renewable energy. As our society transitions to new forms of energy, our social and cultural stories will also change.


Transdisciplinarity: Universities have a chance to lead

University World News

Complex scenarios are impossible to address using a single disciplinary approach. They require interdependent strategies of social, scientific and technological interventions – made possible, in part, through transdisciplinary approaches in higher education.


Why carbon capture and storage is key to avoiding the worst effects of the climate emergency

The Conversation

With the ongoing climate emergency and nations’ commitments to meet net-zero goals by 2050, there’s a heightened need to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through whatever means possible.

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